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First Connections

Statewide Support Connecting ALL Children With The Tools To Succeed

First Connections supports families of program-eligible children birth to the 3rd birthday with a delay or disability. Developmental supports and services are provided at home or in the community, with the goal of helping the child be an active participant in their everyday lives and by giving the adults in the child's life tools to promote early learning and skill development.  

The FCStands has experienced a temporary glitch that was successfully resolved, with seeing caseloads. If you have any questions please contact your monitor.

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Start building your early support team. First Connections coordinators will walk you through the process.

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Active participation in the early
intervention process is critical to a child’s development.

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Who We Are

First Connections supports parents and other caregivers of program-eligible children under 3 statewide in Arkansas. Highly qualified early interventionists work with families to develop the family's plan for supporting their child's early learning while making sure families know how to help their child with a delay or disability know how to learn.

What We Do

First Connections provides adults with the tools they need to support a child with special needs within activities at home, in the community, or childcare classrooms.

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Eligibility to Particpate

For initial eligibility determination, infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families participate in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary child and family evaluation and assessment process.


Children birth to 36 months of age with a diagnosed condition are eligible but so are children with a delay. If you have concerns about your child's skills and early learning, you can refer your child. A comprehensive, developmental evaluation and assessment to measure your child's strengths and needs in each area of development is provided at no out-of-pocket cost to the family. The results are reviewed with the family to determine the child's participation eligibility.

Services Locations

We offer our services in a number of natural environments that pertain to a child's everyday experiences; custom plans are provided at home, in classrooms, or within familiar areas such as parks, libraries, childcare facilities, or a family member's home.

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Connect With Us

Early interventionists are excited to guide you on a journey of early learning and development. Call or email to connect with us!

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