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Taking The First Step

Connect with First Connections

Helping families support their child's early learning and skill development

The Process

First Connections contracts with licensed/certified agencies throughout the state to provide intervention supports and services necessary to meet the child’s participation goals on the child’s and family’s plan.

Early intervention supports and services are funded through the family’s health insurance and/or Medicaid. Services are provided at no out-of-pocket cost to the family.  

Families & Intervention

Families are a child’s first teacher. Learn more about the integral role families play in a child's development. 

How To Refer

Learn more about the steps to take when referring a child to First Connections. We're here to help!

When To Refer

Explore some of the reasons to consider referring a child and understand the criteria for a referral.

Why Refer

Learn more about the immense benefits of referring a qualified child and how it enriches their lives for the better.


Understand the eligibility criteria that we uphold at First Connections.

After Referral

Learn more about what to expect after the referral process with First Connections.

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About Early Intervention

A multidisciplinary team of early intervention professionals partners with the family to determine areas of concern and the supports needed to reach functional child outcomes on the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). The IFSP addresses the documented area(s) of delay, functional status and needs as well as strengths, and outlines appropriate EI services and frequency, duration, intensity, and location for provision.

These Services are:

  • Voluntary on the part of the family

  • Individualized to meet the needs of the child and the goals and priorities of the family

  • Provided by qualified professionals who meet state licensing requirements

Connect With Us

Please call or email us today to start your child on a path to making First Connections!

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