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First Connections Orientation Training

Early Intervention Orientation Web-based training replaces the face-to-face EI Orientation workshop and provides a new look at early intervention requirements under IDEA, Part C for First Connections providers, service coordinators, and program administrators. The course contains information about how to complete the end-of-course exam to receive certificate of completion when the cut-off score (70%) has been achieved. A copy of the certificate will be required for initial certification, for service coordination certification, and for proof of ongoing professional development hours (3 hours credit).

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 Important Training Tools

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 Procedural Safeguards/Surrogate Parent Training

This Web-based Procedural Safeguards/Surrogate Parent Training replaces the face-to-face Procedural Safeguards/Surrogate Parent workshop. This training is one of the required courses for First Connections service coordination certification for First Connections (Part C) service coordinators. This training can be used for ongoing professional development (0-3) for any Part C provider, program administrator, or service coordinator. Completion of this training and the end-of-course assessment results in 3 hours of ongoing professional development when the cut-off score is reached on the post-test.


The training discusses child and family rights under IDEA, Part C, including methods of dispute resolution and FERPA protection of educational records. The course also discusses federal guidelines on who may serve as "parent" for a child under Part C and when an educational advocate (a DDS surrogate) is appointed.

Child Outcomes

Online Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process Modules:

These online learning modules from ECTA Center and DaSy provide key information about the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process and the practices that contribute to consistent and meaningful COS decision-making. Over the course of multiple sessions, participants will learn about:

  • Why child outcomes data are collected;

  • The key features of the COS process;

  • The essential knowledge needed to complete the COS process;

  • How the three child outcomes are measured through the process;

  • How to identify accurate COS ratings using a team-based process;

  • The importance of comparing children’s current functional performance to age-expected functioning;

  • When and how to measure progress in the three child outcome areas;

  • How to document ratings and evidence to support those ratings in COS documentation.

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The following sessions are available:

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Session 1:

So What's This All About?

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Session 3: 

Essential Knowledge for Completing the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process

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Session 2:

Overview of the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process

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Session 4:

 The 7-Point Scale

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Session 5:

Determining a Rating

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Session 6:

Good Teaming, Good Decisions

Register Today

Please use the link below to register for the module. You will be automatically redirected to the module after registering. The module is self-paced, so you may access it as often as desired.

Technical Assistance Training

Provider TA courses provides support to IFSP team members on focused topics. These 1-hour recorded Web trainings can be used by provider programs as part of their own staff development or can be taken by individuals on an as-needed basis. No professional development certificate results from completion of the following Technical Assistance (TA courses) and there is no post-assessment. These TA offerings cannot be substituted for service coordination certification courses.

  • TA: Intake -- best practices for initial contacts and intake.

  • TA: Justification / Natural Environment -- process for developing required justification to provide a service outside of the child’s natural environment when the child is unable to make progress toward meeting functional IFSP goals in his/her natural environment.

  • Link to recorded MEISR training -- using the results of the MEISR to complete the COS rating at the Initial IFSP, Annual Review, Transition/Exit, and to support the family in developing a routines-based IFSP as well as assess child progress at annual reviews.

  • TA: Delivered Services Notes -- Brief TA on ensuring the content of delivered services notes reflects practitioner’s work with children and families to demonstrate compliance with federal program requirements and OSEP goals of increasing caregiver capacity. Information on how to enter delivered services notes in the data system is also included.  

  • Related Document: Delivered Services Notes Checklist

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